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What are the purchase methods?

1. Purchase as prestige watch

If the watch presents certain characteristics, it will be evaluated regardless of the presence of gold.
The characteristics which must be met for this purpose are:

  • Prestigious brand
  • Functionality of the mechanism
  • Level of wear
  • Presence of package and warranty

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2. Purchase by weight

The watch is purchased by weight in case it does not satisfy certain aesthetic and functional characteristics, but presents parts in gold.
In this case, after making the necessary checks on the metal, the tara corresponding to the entity of the internal mechanism and the parts that are not in gold, will be subtracted from the total weight. Depending on the present mechanism different calculations to estimate the actual value of the fine metal that is prensent are made.

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Products Warranty:

All items on Diamanti & Carati are guaranteed conform to the specifications listed in product’s file and they are all accompanied by a warranty.
The watches are accompanied by a warranty valid for one year.

3. Payment

According to the regulations in force, the paymaent of gold watches can be payed in cash if the amount is less than € 499.99 otherwise we preocede with a payment by check or bank transfer.
As for steel watches the threshold for payment in cash is € 2999.99, if this amount is exceeded the payment will always be made by check or bank transfer.