Buy gold: what does the evaluation of scrap gold look like

A professional Buy Gold and precious metals service takes into account many factors, Diamanti & Carati allows you to sell your used gold at the right market price and therefore at the right selling price with full transparency.

Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum) have different types of caliber in order to accurately determine the level of purity, or the amount in percentage of fine metal contained in a jewel, ingot or coin. The higher this percentage, the greater the value, expressed in euro per gram.

Referring to Fixing (the official listing of the stock exchange that regulates the value per gram of precious metals in real time) we precisely determine the price of your gold, silver or platinum, evaluating the carat weight with appropriate tests and using a certified scales in view, the precise weight. A service of professional and serious Buy Gold that takes into account all these parameters.

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1) Weighing and visual inspection

Through our certified scales, we will perform a weighing of objects in front of the customer, establishing the caliber through observation of the present stamps (generally the objects in Gold, Silver and Platinum bear an identification stamp) and making an initial visual assessment.

When there is agreement between the parties on the agreed amount, we proceed to the actual evaluation which acts physically on objects; In fact, before moving on to this phase we ensure the customer’s willingness to sell their objects, as they may be damaged during this procedure.

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2) Test with acid

The tested object is rubbed on the surface using a touchstone, so as to draw a line (a certain pressure is exerted in order to reach its innermost part). By the preliminary visual analysis of the present stamps the caliber is determined, consequently the corrispondening acid for the caliber is used.

The moment in which this line on the stone will resist the action of the acid, remaining bright and not deleting itself, we will have the certainty that the object in question is golden. To determine whether the object’s nucleus also contains the same metal percentages a magnet is used. In this case the object will not be attracted by the force of the magnet.

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3) Payment

Once the operator has confirmed the preliminary assessment by the next test, the payment in cash of the agreed amount is made.

For amounts less than € 499,99 we proceed with a cash payment, while for higher amounts a payment by check or bank transfer is necessary. A valid ID is necessary in order to perform customer’s registration by the operator and conclude the act.