Diamanti & Carati® uses anti-counterfeiting technology in all its Bars.

An increasing number of requests for the purchase of precious metals has inevitably led to an increase in the needs of customers, who demand more and more safety and reliability on the quality and purity of the metal.

To address this, Diamonds & amp; Carati only offers Ingots minted with the ARGOR-HERAEUS anti-counterfeiting system, called KINEBAR®, a system created by Argor with the collaboration of the German company “OVD Kinegram Corporation”, owner of the “Kinegram®” patent.

What is the Kinebar?

The KINEBAR® is an optical device of very high safety and technology.
To be clear, it is a process carried out on the back of each Lingotto, created to prevent any attempt at counterfeiting.

How it’s done ?

Totally imperceptible to the touch, it is an application placed on the back of the ingot which, when exposed to light, creates a refractive effect.
In order to better understand, perhaps the most striking example is that of the banknotes of the European Central Bank (our Euros), which use a similar mechanism for anti-counterfeiting.
But there are many others, from state documents, driving licenses, passports, revenue stamps, etc.

Diamonds & amp; Carati, has chosen to offer this device in its ingots, creating added value and giving greater security to the buyer, who will benefit from it even in a possible future resale.