Goldsmith workshop, repairs and personalized creations

Rely on our goldsmith’s worshop for your creations and repairs carried out in a workmanlike manner benefitting from outlet-like prices and consistently excellent results.

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With the passing of time and the resulting signs of wear, even gold can lose quality such as luster and shine, and in the worst cases even weaken to the point of breakage, which is why we often offer our customers a low-cost restoration that brings the jewel back to its perfect state, like at the point of purchase.
Some jewels are forever, but to make so they need “care.”

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We can modify a jewel that you are fond of and make it totally new or create a customized one according to your tastes and requests .

All the processing is entrusted to a goldsmith who will take care of the whole production process:
In a first meeting will try to perceive the tastes and demands of the customer, the preferences of the material, the size of the jewel, the use of precious gems etc.
Only after having carefully studied the request, a first draft is produced and an estimate is made, so that the customer has an idea of ​​the result and the cost in total transparency.

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Creating a jewel has clearly a higher cost compared to a already made one, however, it needs to be pointed out that this jewel will be unique, something that does not only belong to you as you have purchased it, but that belongs to you because in part you have created it. Show us your vision and we will create a unique jewel tailored to you.

Show us your vision and we will create a unique jewel tailored to you.